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Specialists of “S-Engineering” Company developed technical-and-economic assessment for construction of energy-independent control building of "Ukrenergo". “The principal task was to provide the building functioning with maximum use of renewable sources of energy”, says the Project Chief Engineer of “S-Engineering” Company. Moreover, it was important to develop a system, allowing to accumulate energy from alternating sources in the absence of consumption, as well as to ensure energy consumption accounting, forecasting and compensation”.

The project provides for solar panel arrangement on the building roof of "Ukrenergo", installation of  Energy Storage batteries, arrangement of  electrically heated kettle with storage tank, electrical power distribution system and monitoring systems.

At the same time Energy Storage storage tanks allow accumulating electric power during no load hours, provide load levelling and frequency control, improve quality of electric energy, guarantee reserve  power and uninterruptible electric power supply.

Following the results of the technical-and-economic assessment development, after the project implementation it will be possible to cut expenses to electric power by 10% to 30%.