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Method of automatic control of in-line conveying channel loading of granular materials line

Research and construction activity of S-engineering Company is directed to the creation of modern automated control systems of technological processes (ACSTP) of enterprises for grain storage and handling.

The most important and quite power-consuming process of the all these enterprises is the process of grain handling during its reception, underworking and supply. This process is implemented by in-line conveying channels, which includes conveyors groups of different type's granular materials, including conveyors for vertical handling – cup-type elevators.

This solution is determined by the necessity:

  • prevention of emergency shutdown of conveyors and cup-type elevators of granular materials ICC, connected with overloading of this elevator boot with granular material, in conditions, when priori of unknown characteristics of granular material and carrying capacity of elevator are changing in a wide range;
  • increasing of this line efficiency up to its utmost achievable value, which complies with current characteristics of granular material and carrying capacity of elevator;
  • keeping of reliability level of the line equipment;
  • cost minimization for implementation of automated control system.

The main point of suggested method by S-engineering for automated control consists in the fact that there have been created purposefully the conditions, under which at the elevator boot the level of transported granular material begins increasing (developing of falls). After achievement by the level of critical value, the loading value of elevator SEM has been determined, that complies with critical value of elevator volume efficiency. For prevention of emergency protection response, control for ISS loading switches from the change of state of the bin valve for the change of speed of bin conveyors that strongly reduces the delay in the control channel. Having said so at the same time the current of elevator SEM loading is set on the value, which lower than critical.

After ending of the first process stage of this setting, the state of valve is begun changing till such degree that the speed of bin conveyors would become equal for their rated value. After this, setting of ISS loading, determined according to loading value of elevator SEM, begins again carried out by changing of bin valve state, and also at new, close to critical, set value.

The results is – Efficiency

Usage of given technology for implementation of automated control systems of in-line conveying channels loading will allow prevention of emergency shutdowns, connected with elevator boot overloading by granular material, and negative consequences of these shutdowns.

At the same time it will allow carrying out of transportation processes with high, close to the maximum achievable efficiency in specific conditions of work lines.

The sources of economic effect, which will be got under implementation of such systems, have been the following:

  • reducing of time and energy consumption for implementation of transportation operations or handling of granular material;
  • elimination of factors, accelerated the depreciation and reducing of its reliability;
  • prevention of necessity of hand work usage for equipment uploading from transported granular material, connected with line emergency shutdown;
  • possibility of usage of one frequency converter for all quantity of conveyors, incoming to transportation lines of granular materials, which are existing at the enterprise.

S-engineering Company expands the set of classical control functions of in-line conveying channels at the expense of new functions implementation.

The subject matter of new technological solutions – is more advanced processing of the traditional information for such ACSTP. Having said so completely the main advantage of modern automation technological devices is used – their almost borderless computational resources. Particular these resources have allowed to us implementing in real time intellectual control algorithms (information processing), based on modern achievements of control theory.

Method of automatic control of in-line
conveying channel loading of granular materials line.